Patient Information

For Existing Patients:

***Updated 3/18/2021: Please review information related to COVID-19 here. We are able to offer telehealth services at this time.***

All records, including appointments currently scheduled as of 11/1/2020, have been transferred to Luminello.

  1. Setting up your profile within Luminello is required to continue services, so please do so ASAP.​ If you need any assistance, please contact us at 360-207-1949, option 2.

    • You will need to enter information on the Demographic Info and Billing tabs.

      • For insurance, if you have an out-of-state BCBS plan (ex. Anthem, BCBS of MI, etc.), you should enter BCBS WA (Washington)  - Premera BC of WA. 

      • To maintain security, we cannot enter your card(s) into the system ourselves. Please place a credit/debit card on-file; you may add an HSA card as well, if applicable.

    • You will need to review and consent to any forms found on the Documents tab.

      • Certain forms, like our controlled substances agreement, release of information forms, etc. will be sent to your portal separately, when indicated.

      • If you see a form that doesn't apply - for example, you do not currently work with a talk therapist - you can ignore that form for now.

    • If this information is not entered prior to your next appointment, there may be less appointment time available for your care.

  2. Please verify that the information on the Scheduling tab matches what you have.

  3. A link to our telehealth platform,, is integrated into Luminello. You can see all future appointments on the right side of your screen after signing in.

  4. Please note that any remaining reminders from our previous system, OnPatient, may contain inaccurate information.

  5. All telehealth patients must have access to a scale and a blood pressure monitor/cuff, as we are unable to obtain vital signs on our end and monitoring these values are essential to providing the best care possible.

    • Need recommendations? We recommend reviewing the link here.​ Your insurer's wellness plan may also offer discounts.

    • Your provider may need to visualize the readings, so please be ready to provide this if indicated.

    • It is generally recommended to obtain a blood pressure reading after the patient has been sitting relatively still for at least a few minutes. Please follow all instructions included with the monitor/cuff.

    • This is also noted in the telehealth consent form that all patients must consent to. If you have questions or concerns, please ask your provider.


  • Regarding billing:

    • We will not have access to any sensitive information regarding your cards on-file. This is to help maintain security on both your and our end.

    • It is strongly recommended that you place at least one card on-file. This simplifies the billing process and reduces our administrative workload. Luminello is built to automatically charge your card when a balance exists (after insurance payments have returned, etc.) Mailing statements puts on a burden on our administrative staff, requiring an additional fee of $5.

    • It is our policy to charge the card on-file for all payments of $100 or less automatically. We intend to invoice you anytime charges may go above that. 

      • We will always do what we can to work with you regarding payment for services. Should you need a payment plan, please discuss with your provider.

    • If you wish to place an FSA or HSA card on-file in addition to a credit card, please make sure to note "FSA" or "HSA" in the comments for that card.​ Note that these cannot be utilized to pay fees.

  • Luminello has the capability to separate family member profiles from the patient profile.

    • For patients 12 and below, the system assumes that the parent/guardian is managing the profile directly.

    • For patients 13 to 17, they will have their own profile that must remain private to them (for both legal and ethical reasons). This is referenced in our treatment of minors consent form.

      • If the adolescent has their own phone number and/or email, that should be attached to their account.

      • We can create parent/guardian profiles after the fact if the adolescent patient consents; the parent/guardian would typically then have access to billing, their own messaging options, etc.

  • We now offer online scheduling! 

    • Please note that the online system will not allow you to cancel or reschedule your appointment if it is within the 48 hour window; you will need to contact our office to do so.

    • Please note that Luminello cannot send multiple reminders and can currently only send email reminders. If you book online, we strongly recommend requesting a reminder and, if needed, setting yourself additional reminders.